Most Digital Non-programmable Thermostats cost between than $25-$50
and can be installed in 15 Minutes or less.  Total Job:  $55-$110
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Most Digital Programmable Thermostats cost between than $50-$125 and
can be installed in 15 Minutes or less.  Total Job:  $110-$225
There are a lot of different types of thermostats available and in all price ranges.  I will be listing as many as possible
so hopefully if someone tells you that you need a 7 day digital touch screen heat pump programmable thermostat you
can come here and see how much it really is.

Of course you can also run down to the Home Depot and buy one yourself but when it comes to installing them it is
not as easy as the directions make it out to be and if you get a wire crossed you could blow your transformer or
control fuse and have to call a service technician anyway... and most companies do not install a thermostat you
bought because they can't warranty it.  This job should be left to a pro but it does not have to cost you a fortune to do
T8775 Series  
My Cost:  $45

The T8775 thermostats provide single stage temperature control for 24
volt systems. Offers the same reliability as the T87F series except in a
digital version with backlighting “on demand”. These thermostats come
with wallplate for mounting and wiring, wall anchors and 4074FAB
resistor. Wiring is the same as the familiar T87F with no additional wiring
required. Two models cover the following applications: 24 volt gas/oil
heating, electric heating and gas/oil/electric heating/cooling. No batteries
T87F Series  
My Cost:  $41

Same features as standard T87F2873 model in attractive designer white
& beige to fit perfectly into modern home and office decors. For
heating/cooling or cooling only applications, order matching Q539
subbase shown below.