A short to ground find can take 5 minutes or an hour, depending on the
abilities of the technician.  I would not pay more than $75 for this job
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find it.

There is a procedure to finding shorts and it can take some time to do.  I can usually isolate a short in under 30
minutes on a bad day.

Shorts can develop in any component that gets a signal from the thermostat.  They can also be caused by
something like a weed eater cutting into the thermostat wire to your outside unit, or from someone replacing their
own thermostat and wiring it wrong or not shutting off the power before disconnecting the wires.

There are many ways for shorts to develop and finding them is one of the hardest and least favorite things a
technician must do so they usually take their frustration out on you by charging you a lot to go looking for the short.

Finding the short is only half the battle.  It will need to be fixed and if has caused other components to fail, like
blowing the transformer, there will be that added expense as well.  Plus, you are already paying a diagnostic fee so
a company really should not be charging a crazy amount to find a short.

I usually charge $45-$50.   Most of the time I can find it pretty quickly and not even charge for it if the customer
approves the repair.  This is something you can negotiate with your contractor.