Have you ever wondered how some companies can reduce their service calls by $30 or more
They will come out twice a year and clean your unit and give you emergency service at regular
prices instead of overtime prices too.

That simply tells me if they have that much room to cut their prices they are way over charging
in the first place.

I want you as a regular customer but I don't have to promise all these discounts because my
regular prices are lower than everyone else's "discounted" ones anyway.

Now, the real reason for a maintenance agreement is to have regular service done on your unit
to make it run more efficiently and last longer.

Problem is, the people that are hired to do these cleanings are low paid entry level types who
DO NOT DO what they are supposed to.  It isn't all their fault, they just do not have the technical
ability to properly adjust freon charges, ensure proper operation of gas combustion appliances
and many other vital aspects of heating and cooling.

A recent study showed 85% of all air conditioning units are improperly charged, even after
having them serviced by "qualified" technicians.

Now, some companies will use their service techs during the slow times to do these
cleanings.  Service techs hate this and think it is beneath them and rarely do a good job.

One company I worked for actually hired an older fellow with sales experience and his whole
mission was to sell you parts or set up estimates to replace your unit... He rarely if ever did a
proper cleaning.

Our maintenance agreements are just $99 per year

which is the lowest in the area.  You already get the lowest service calls and repair pricing and
with a maintenance agreement you will now get the best cleanings and preventative
maintenance on your heating and cooling system as well.  No fake discounts or ridiculous
promises.  Just real value for your money.
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Cost Of A Part!
Our Maintenance Agreements are Just $99 Per Year
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