Other Heating and Cooling companies in Virginia Beach say they will give you the
cost of a repair upfront so there are
"no surprises"  But, if you actually knew how
much the part really cost that company and the mark up they added to that part,
well now, that's a whole other kind of "nasty surprise" they don't want to talk about.

By the way, before we go on, it is always a good idea to check out what other
people are saying about a company before using them.  If you check Google's
local listings/maps you will see reviews left by actual customers that have used
different HVAC companies in Virginia Beach and Chesapekae.

Below is a quick snapshot of my listing.  Just click on the picture and you will be
able to read all 50 or so reviews.  Google is pretty good at tracking IP addresses
and figuring out if reviews are legit or not but its a good idea to take these things
with a grain of salt.  

We work very hard to satisfy each and every customer and rely on word of mouth
over expensive radio or television advertising like the big outfits do.  This allows us
to not only pass those savings on to you but ensures we will do the best job
possible in order to make sure you tell your friends and family about us.
WARNING!  Did You Know Almost Every Heating And Air
Conditioning Company In Tidewater Routinely Marks Up
The Parts They Sell You By 400-1000%!
Find The Actual
Cost Of A Part!
And Don't Even Get Me Started On What They Charge For A
Pound Of Freon!
We only charge $25 per pound
PLEASE, Watch The Video Below To Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Your Repair Bills!  
I will tell you
exactly how much each part cost me, or any other heating and AC
company in Virginia Beach, and give you detailed information on what is involved
in a particular repair and how long it should take, and most importantly, what your
final bill should be...

I'm almost always hundreds of dollars less than my competitors, especially the big
guys who spend thousands on advertising, even though I use the same parts, am
fully licensed, and have actually taught Heating and Air Conditioning repair...
Meaning, I know what I'm doing and do it better than most!
Service Calls
One Year
Warranty On All
Okay, back to the business at hand... SAVING YOU MONEY ON HEATING & AC REPAIRS!

This website is designed so you can come here and look up the part someone says you need to
replace and find out what it really cost them...
and what it is about to cost you!

You could just call my company, Hometown Heating and Cooling and not risk paying WAY TOO
in the first place, but if you do use someone else for ac repair in Virginia beach Or
Chesapeake, please, just come here and look up the part
so you get a fair deal.

I will be updating this site frequently.  I'm getting a lot of positive feedback, at least from the public, that
love this idea of being up front and honest with everyone on what it cost for the parts that go in your
heating and cooling system.

Understandably those in the heating and cooling business are going to be pretty upset with me but I
wouldn't want to "be liked" by most of the people in this business anyway, so that part does not bother
me at all.

Please understand however that there is more to the cost of doing business than just the cost of a part
and the labor involved.  There is insurance, vehicle maintenance, taxes, gas, and of course, profit.

I think that customers will understand some markup on parts has to happen in order for a company to
make any money, and that is why we are in business in the first place.

What I hate and will no longer stand for is marking up parts hundreds of dollars.

If a company is run correctly and customers spread the word about that company because of their
great service and fair pricing, then they should be able to stay in business without squeezing the
maximum amount of money out of each and every customer they visit.

It just seems to make sense for me to do business this way. If you need ac repair in Virginia Beach or
Chesapeake this summer or heating repairs this winter, give us a call today!
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