Most hot surface ignitors cost between $35-$75 and can be installed in 15
minutes or less.  Total Job:  $85 - $135
There are a lot of different hot surface ignitors out there ranging in cost from
$35 to almost $80 depending on the manufacturer and brand of quipment.

The ignitor pictured to the right is a very popular model found on a variety of
different furnaces.

These standard ignitors are usually stocked on our service trucks and can be
replaced in under 15 minutes.

Sometimes it takes longer depending on whether or not you have to move the
burners out of the way or the mounting bracket is difficult to get to.

For the most part they are pretty straight forward.
The hot surface ignitor energizes after the draft inducer motor has established a draft and glows a very hot and
bright red.

Once it has heated up the gas valve opens and shoots gas across the ignitor where it, wait for it, ignites!

A flame sensor determines whether the ignition was successful and allows the valve to keep supplying gas.

The ignitor is usually made out of a very fragile graphite looking material and breaks easily if banged around.

It is also a good idea not to touch the ignitor as the oils in your fingers can damage the component.

This part is one designed to fail after a few years but you do not need to spend a fortune getting it replaced.

Most companies charge well over $200 for even this basic ignitor even though the part only cost the company 40
bucks or so.
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