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Most vacuum/pressure switches cost between $50-$120 and can be
installed in 30 - 45 minutes.  Total Job:  $125 - $205
There are a great number of different types of gas valves out
there and they vary widely in price.

Generally you have two types of valves with a bunch of
different designs and configurations.

The basic gas valve simply opens and closes when it receives
24 volts from the furnace control board.

Older furnaces use a valve that does the same thing but also
has a pilot assembly in it as well.

Older furnaces have standing pilots and a thermocouple will
send a signal to the gas valve that the pilot is still lit when there
is a call for heat.

So long as the valve is getting this signal it will open the main
valve and send gas across the pilot light and ignite the main

Some furnaces have smart valves.  They basically control not
only the flow of gas but will send a spark to an electrode that
will ignite the gas.  They also have a flame sensor attached
that will prove the gas ignited.

Each of these valves requires the gas piping to be removed
and reinstalled so the total job time is generally between 30
and 45 minutes.

Due to the large number of different gas valves the valve will
usually have to be picked up so drive time needs to be
factored into total job costs.
Smart Valve
Valve Used With
Standing Pilot Systems