Refrigerant cost between $18 - $20 per pound and can be put in a system
in a matter of minutes.  Total Job:  $22 - $26 per pound
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You should never have to replenish refrigerant but almost all systems
eventually develop small leaks and you have to bring it back up to the
proper charge.

This used to be very inexpensive but the government now regulates
the use of refrigerants () and has phased out the production of R-22,
the kind of refrigerant in your home's air conditioning system.

The price of course has gone up as the supply of R-22 has gone
down.  It now cost  heating and cooling contractors almost $600 for a
30 pound bottle of R-22. There are other charges associated with the
proper handling of the refrigerant as well so a fair price is around $40
per pound.

However, most companies have used the limited supplies to their
advantage and really stick it to you when you need refrigerant.

This is terrible because it will eventually leak out again so you are
paying a premium price for a band aid of sorts.

One company out there is charging $200 per pound, I just don't get it!  
Most are charging between $75-$100 per pound.

Now, when should you consider repairing the system?
Here is another way companies get you.  In order to find the leak you must have a leak search done.  Most
systems hold about 5-8 pounds of refrigerant!  You do the math.

I charge on an individual basis.  If I can find the leak in a matter of minutes and it is an easy fix, I charge
accordingly.  A lot of the times you can actually pump the refrigerant into the outdoor unit and use it again but
if you have to remove the refrigerant I only charge $25 per pound to put it all back in when you pay for a repair.

My leak searches average around $40 or $50 so you can really save a fortune using me instead of someone

I routinely charge $200-$600 less for refrigerant leak repairs than others do, it is really crazy, huh?