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Most vacuum/pressure switches cost between $18 -$45 and can be
installed in 15 minutes or less.  Total Job:  $55 - $85
Like most other heating parts, each manufacturer has its own
particular flame sensor so even though we keep a few of the
more popular ones on the truck there is a very good likely
hood that the part will have to be picked up so most of the cost
for this repair is in the drive time.

The flame sensor is just that, it senses that the gas has ignited
and is burning properly in the heat exchanger.

The metal rod is in the flame and creates a small voltage that
is sent back to the ignition control board and tells the board to
keep the main gas valve open.

If the gas does not ignite or the sensor is faulty, the gas valve
will shut and cut off the gas supply to the furnace.