Most fan motors cost between $90-$120 and can be installed in 1 hour or
less.  Total Job:  $210 - $270
Fan motors are where a lot of companies really make a ton of money.  This is not
an easy repair or one the home owner generally wants to attempt, even if they
could get their hands on the part.

However, with the right tools and knowledge, this repair can be done in an hour
off the truck.  Sometimes though, due to certain types of mounting brackets and
such an exact motor replacement is needed and the cost does go up because
these motors are more expensive and the technician does have to go to the
supply house and pick the motor up.

This does not justify an extreme price jump however.  A lot of companies charge
at least $400 for a motor replacement and a lot of them are $600 and more so be

The other motor is the one that circulates the air throughout your house ( evaporator fan motor, blower motor,
indoor blower motor) and is located in the furnace or air handler section for the system which is usually located
somewhere inside the home, perhaps in the attic, closet or garage.

Some heating and cooling systems called package units have everything located in one big unit outside the house
but this system still uses a condenser motor and a blower motor to circulate the conditioned air.

CONDENSER MOTORS - These motors are rated at 240 volts and come in horse power sizes anywhere fro 1/6 th
horse power up to 1/2 hp.  The most common are 1/3 hp and 1/4 hp.   They have sealed bearings to protect them
from the weather.

Most of the time you can use what is called a rescue motor which has the ability to select the hp and shaft rotation.  
These motors usually cost about
$80 or so and take an hour to install.  Sometimes when the motor is really old the
shaft will have to be cut off and it can be pretty tough getting the fan blades off.

If you have the proper tools and follow the proper procedures it is very rare to have to replace the blades because
you cannot get them off the motor shaft, but a lot of companies see this as an opportunity to make the job easier
and of course make more money by telling you the blades need to be replaced.

Evaporator Blower Motors - These motors can be either 115 volt or 240 volt and are almost always 3 speed

Gas furnaces use 115 volt motors and heat pump air handlers use 240 volt motors.

The air conditioning mode uses the high speed setting and the heat mode uses the med or low speed setting.

These motors also come in various horse power.   The price range for a universal motor would be
$65-$90 our cost
and takes an hour or so to install.  Sometimes the entire blower assembly has to be removed and cleaned which can
add to the time and cost, but not significantly
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Bearing Type Ball
Body Diameter 5 5/8 inches
Duty Continous Air-Over
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Air-Over
Frame 48YZ
Full Load Amps 1.9 - 1.9
Horsepower 1/3
Lead Length 30 inches
Length Less Shaft 5 1/4 inches
Motor Type Permanent Split Capacitor
Mounting Stud
Number of Speeds 1
Package Quantity 1
Rotation Clockwise or Counter
RPM 1075
Shaft Diameter 1/2 inch
Shaft Length 6 inches
Shaft Orientation Up/Down
Stud Pattern 3 5/8 x 3 5/8 inches
Stud Quantity 4
Thermal Protection Auto
Type Condenser Fan Motor
Volt - Hertz - Phase 208-230 / 60 / 1
Typical Condenser Fan Motor Application
Bearing Type Sleeve
Body Diameter 5 5/8 inches
Enclosure Open Air-Over
Frame 48YZ
Full Load Amps 3.9
Horsepower 1/4
Length Less Shaft 5 3/16 inches
Motor Type Permanent Split Capacitor
Mounting Ring/Stud
Number of Speeds 3
Package Quantity 1
RPM 1075
Shaft Diameter 1/2 inch
Shaft Length 4 inches
Thermal Protection Auto
Type Direct Drive Blower Motor
Volt - Hertz - Phase 115 / 60 / 1
Typical Furnace Fan Motor Application
We can use a bracket like this to mount most
motors.  This keeps us from having to use an exact
replacement part which is more expensive than a
universal motors are every bit as good as factory
direct parts.