Most Fan/ignition Control Boards cost between $70 - $132 and can be
installed in 30 minutes or less.  Total Job:  $186 - $260
Phone: (757) 506-6488
Fan control boards can also be called furnace control
boards or ignition control boards.  They pretty much
handle the sequencing of the operation of your heating
blower motor.

They are sensitive to water so if you have an air
condensate drain gets clogged and water spills over
the drain pan and onto the board it will short out.

They are also prone to damage from lightning strikes.  
Most new boards have fuse protection to keep the
board and transformer from shorting out if low voltage
wires come into contact with one another but a surge
from a lightning strike can often damage the board.

Prices vary widely but the $70-$130 range is pretty
good.  I'll be adding individual model numbers and
prices as the site grows but just be aware that when a
technician brings you a board like this he is counting on
you thinking that electronics are expensive.

Most companies will charge at least $400 or more for a
new fan control board.  Many of these boards will need
to be ordered from the supply house an you need to
ask the technician or dispatcher on the phone if they
would be willing to show you the receipt or invoice for
the part with how much you have paid... most will refuse
to do this.
Always remember that contractors have overhead and there are other cost associated with doing a certain job.  Also,
it is only fair that they make a profit, why else would they be in business?  This does not, however, give them the
right to charge you $400 for a part that cost $70.   It happens everyday though, so be careful.
Here is a list of popular boards, the model number and replacement price that I pay.
blower outputs, HSI outputs, flame sensor input, gas valve outputs, and LED fault code diagnostics. Electrical
ratings 24 Vac control.

Price $133.00  is a direct replacement for Carrier boards # CES011005700, CES011005701 &
CES011005702.Control has inducer fan outputs, blower outputs, HSI outputs, flame sensor input, gas valve
outputs, Hum and EAC outputs, and LED fault code diagnostics. Electrical ratings: 120 Vac. control

Price $165.00  is a direct replacement for the following Carrier/Bryant boards # HK42FZ004, HK42FZ008,
HK42FZ009, HK42FZ011, HK42FZ013 & HK42FZ016. Board controls gas valve, ignitor, blower motor, inducer
motor, humidifier and air cleaner. Has LED fault code diagnostics.