Most fan blades cost less than $40 and are often installed along with a new
motor.  This should not add any more than $75-$95 to the job.
Squirrel cage blower wheels are the fan blades for the inside unit that
circulates the air inside the home.  They can become unbalanced and
damage the motor.  These are more expensive than typical fan blades but
should not add more than $100 to the overall job
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This picture is what the squirrel cage and blower wheel
look like in your air handling unit.  The wheel is balanced
with weights that can come loose and the wheel will begin
to wobble and your unit will become noisy.  This wobble
eventually damages the bearings in the motor.  This job
replaced the whole assembly still needs to be removed.
This job should be able to be completed in an hour.  Also, the part will need to
be ordered and picked up so that time needs to be accounted for in the overall
price.  In most cases you should be able to replace the motor and blower
wheel for under $350.  Very rarely do you have to replace the entire assembly
$35-$55 dollars.   They slide right onto the motor shaft so replacement is
very simple and straight forward.  The only time you need to replace them is
if they cannot be removed from an old motor that is being replaced or they
have become damaged.

When a motor is old and has to be replaced, it can be quite a chore getting
the blades off the motor shaft and a lot of technicians will opt to replace the
blades to make the job easier, and of course, more profitable.

I've NEVER had a job where i could not get the blades off.  I'm not saying it
will never happen but it is not your fault if a technician is not prepared or has
the required knowledge to remove a set of blades.
try harder to get them off or that you would be willing to pay for them at cost... see what happens.
Now, it is possible for the blades to get out of balance so if you have noticed your unit shaking, vibrating or making
more noise than usual prior to the motor going bad, or if you recently replaced a motor and it has gone bad again,
then you may need to change the blades.  This addition to the motor replacement should not add more than $75-$95
to the job, and I choose this amount only because the parts do need to be ordered and picked up, if I ad the blade on
hand I would only mark it up slightly if I was already doing the motor.