Most draft inducer motors cost between $105 and $200 and can be
installed in 1 hour or less.  Total Job:  $200 - $310
Draft inducer motors vary widely in cost and ease of
replacement among the different manufacturers.

Goodman inducer motors are not too difficult to replace but the
price varies from $80.00 to over $150.00 for the part so final
price will vary as well. To replace but a Carrier is a complete
nightmare and takes 10 times longer to do.

Most companies will charge at least $600  for even the easiest
draft inducer, and many will be up around $1000 so watch out!
One Hour Heating charges $999.00 regardless of part cost or
difficulty in replacing.

The most expensive repair could be upwards of $700 but is
vary rare and mainly with Carrier brand. The average repair is
at around $300 - $375.

Again, it all depends on the manufacturer and even across
certain models withing the manufacturer.

For example the Goodman furnace generally uses a pressure
switch to detect that the inducer is working properly.  That
pressure switch is external to the inducer and does not need to
be replaced with the inducer.

However, on many Goodman gas packs the inducer uses an
integral centrifugal switch so the inducer cost more.

Still, never pay more than $400 for any inducer motor and with
prices this high you would probably want to shop around.  
Some companies may have what you need laying around the
shop and get you a deal but don't count on it!
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