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Most compressors cost between $650 - $850 and can be installed in 4
hours or less.  Total Job:  $1280 - $1600
The compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system and is used in
heat pumps for both heating and cooling.

You may want to consider replacing your compressor when it goes bad
because with the phase out of r-22 freon systems it is very difficult to get a
new unit that will match up to the indoor section of the system and you will
need to replace both units, which can be very costly.

Most companies would rather you buy a new system so will make
compressor replacement extremely expensive and very few do it correctly

The problem with replacing a compressor is that you cannot reuse the
freon.  You also have to add filter driers and neutralize the acid in the
system if the compressor has experienced a burnout, something most
companies never do... which leads to compressor failure again.
Also, even when you replace the compressor there may be other things wrong with the system that caused the
compressor failure in the first place, so you need to be aware of that and expect the price to go up.

Why do compressors fail?  They either experience a mechanical failure or an electrical failure.  Many things can
cause compressor failure including running the unit with a low freon charge, improper unit installation where
moisture has not been removed from the system leading to electrical failures, clogged metering devices causing
high head pressure and no cooling of the windings, etc.

Most compressors have internal overload protectors and a lot of units shut down when there is a low refrigerant
(freon) condition, however, they are not designed to constantly cycle on and off on these safeties.  It would be like
driving a car with low oil pressure until it got hot enough to trip the safety, you will eventually damage the engine.

If the system is in good condition you may want to replace the compressor if it goes bad instead of the entire
system.  Just don't pay more than $2000 for a compressor, with everything done correctly including putting new
freon back in.

Most of my compressor replacements are less than $1500 and done to exacting standards including proper
evacuation of system, filter driers installed, acids neutralized and the proper refrigerant charge weighed back in
according to factory specifications.

You may be able to find another company to do the job cheaper but it will cost you in the end.  This is not a job to be
left to a garage mechanic running around in a pick-up truck... this is SERIOUS business and needs to be done
correctly, and that means it takes time and an experienced technician to do it right.