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Most heating and cooling contractors want either their service department or maintenance
agreement department to refer sales... Actually most want both departments to do it.

The bigger guys out there, you know the ones you see on t.v. and hear on the radio all the time,
well they train their technicians to look for anything and everything when they are at your home to
justify telling you that you need a new system.

If the unit is over five years old or you have had to put a couple of pounds of Freon in it they will
tell you it is time to replace your system.

If it has a bad part that will cost a lot to replace they will tell you that you need a new system.

Unfortunately, some will even make up problems and tell you that it needs to be replaced which
is why I cannot stress it enough to ALWAYS get a second and third opinion when an HVAC
company says your unit is broken and needs to be replaced.

Now, if you know your system is getting to the point that it could fail at anytime or is costing too
much in repairs and you want to change it out, you should still get at least three estimates and
one of those estimates should include us, Hometown Heating and Cooling.

Believe me, it pays BIG to shop around.

One Hour Heating and Cooling and Micheal and Sons are two of the more well known
companies out there.  I routinely beat their prices by several thousand dollars and they would tell
"well we are higher because we are going to install it better than anyone else will"... What?

Here's what actually happens. After the professional salesman comes in and takes all your
money, they send out their installers to put it in, installers who most likely have nothing more on
their mind than to get the job done and get the heck out of there.  The owner of the company is
not on the install, and neither is the quick talking salesman, but I am on every install we do.

I have a crew that installs the units and I'm right there with them, sweating away in that hot attic
making sure the job gets done right.  And why do I do this?  Well, I'm banking on the fact that if I
do a great job at a great price you will tell your friends and neighbors and I won't have to spend
thousands of dollars a month on advertising like the other guys do... which of course is passed
onto you in the form of higher installation prices.

The next time you are out driving around and you see an HVAC service truck take a look at the
guy driving it and ask yourself, do I really want this guy installing my unit, or even, do I want this
guy in my home?  There are some scary looking guys out there and I guarantee you that I am
better at what I do than they are, and actually care about how my company looks and most
importantly, how you feel once we are done.

So, if you need a new ac unit or heater give us a call and we will be happy to come out and give
you a free estimate.
Time For a New Unit?  Maybe, Maybe Not...
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