I guarantee you will not hear these words from any other heating and cooling company out

Now is a bad time to replace your heating and cooling system, lets fix it if we can!

That should tell you a lot about us I would think.  It is not our primary goal to replace your heating
and air conditioning system... Our goal is to fix it at the best price possible.

Now, there are a lot of reasons for this philosophy and if you would like to know more about our
replacement policy or if you really do need to get an estimate to replace your current system
then please visit our
Equipment Sales page and we will be more than happy to help you out... At
the lowest price in town of course!

If you have visited other sites I'm sure you are familiar with the party line.  We are the best, we
care about your family, we have been in business since Columbus first set foot in America and
on and on.

A lot of companies say a lot of things, some true... Some not so true.  Remember, I worked for
two of the largest companies in Tidewater and to say the facts about their company promoted to
the public were a bit blurry is an understatement!

I Have been in business since 2002 and have the business license to prove it.  12 years is a
pretty long time for a business to keep its doors open and I intend to be around for quite
sometime, so yes, I will only be a phone call away the next time you may need me.

As far as major differences between companies go, it is a fact every company pretty much
shares the same pool of employees, suppliers and everything else associated with heating and
cooling.  And
NOTHING justifies one company charging hundreds more for a repair than
someone else, unless of course that someone else is riding around in an old pickup truck,
scrapping used parts to put on your unit and can't get a license in the state of Virginia.

Chances are pretty good if you choose a company with a professional looking website, a clean
professionally lettered service vehicle and the guy or gal that shows up on your door step is
clean cut and treats you with respect, you are going to receive adequate service... The question
is, will you pay to much for that service?

With us you will be charged a fair price.  Again, a lot of companies claim to have the lowest
prices or that they give you the best service at the best price and on and on it goes.

However, no one else will show you what a part cost before you pay for a repair.  I'm in the
process of adding as many parts to my website as possible with what they actually cost a
company and what the repair should actually cost you.

Who else would do that?  NO ONE, thats who!

Why do I?  Well, it only seems fair that you know what a part cost so you can make an informed
decision whether or not you want to approve the repair... And I think it is just common sense that
a customer will understand a company is in business to make money so there will be some
reasonable mark up on the part and knows we are not out there for practice.

Notice I said REASONABLE mark up.  There is no justification for a company to charge you
$400-$600 for a simple condensing fan motor that cost $90 and can be installed in less than an
Find The Actual
Cost Of A Part!
Here is an example of what I charge during a service call compared to other companies:

Say you have a bad ignition/blower control board in your Carrier gas furnace.

While it is true Carrier does have the most expensive replacement parts and this control board
actually cost a company $133, why do they charge you between $450-600?

Most companies at least double the part price, charge 100 dollars per hour in labor and add
30% or so for over head.

Most mark up parts on a sliding scale depending on the cost of a part and charge a full hour of
labor even if it only takes 10 minutes to install the part.

Now, assuming I had to go pick up the part and install it I would charge just $265 for this repair
a savings of over $200-$400!

Believe me, these prices are what others charge.
Even if you do not use my company please look up the part the other guy says you need so
you can make sure you are being charged fairly.  If you can't find it on the website call me
directly and I'll be happy to look it up for you!

Thanks for visiting and if there is anything we can help you With just let us know
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